Toshiba: Glasses free 3D TV within 12 months

Toshiba sets debut: Cevo tech, 3D and face detection

Stunning sets with 3D, but no glasses free - yet

At the Toshiba World conference in Rome, the Japanese electronics giant has announced its new REGZA TV range, including the flagship Regza WL and YL 3D Pro-LED TV series. Both include cutting-edge CEVO tech and enhanced web capabilities via Toshiba Places.

Although both have been designed in collaberation with Jacob Jensen Design, the YL series includes the floating design, where the TV appears to float over a soundbar underneath.

At the heart of the TVs is the new CEVO engine, which includes 7-cores and is the fastest engine in the TV market at 9.6Gbps, for enhanced picture quality. When asked why the new range didn’t include Cell TV, Toshiba said there was no way it could be integrated partly because it creates too much heat.

There was no sign of glasses-free 3D, but a Toshiba spokesman confirmed: ‘Within the next 12 months, we’ll get 3D without glasses.’ The company also confirmed the set will be plus 40-inches

Instead CEVO engine enables the WL and YL series to display full 3D TV and upscales 2D to 3D in real time.

The YL and WL Series incorporate a PRO-LED panel. This full 1080p HD panel incorporates a combination of back and edge lit local dimming technology. This basically means the lights are behind the TV over zones, each adjusting individually to suit the picture, improving picture quality with consistent brightness and vivid colours.

All the TVs include the new Personal Mode, which lets you store settings including: volume controls, channels, picture settings and recorded content, for four different users. Even cleverer the TVs incorporate face-recognition technology, an on-board camera that detects who is in front of the TV and swaps the settings automatically. We’re not really sure face-detection technology needs to be on a TV - a technology normally used to bring people together, but it will be interesting to see how it works.

All the sets have Freeview HD, WiFi, DLNA and Windows 7 compatibility. Connectivity includes 4x HDMIs and USB HDD recording, for recording content directly to a portable hard drive like a PVR.

Instead of calibrating via PC. WL and YL series include the World’s first automated TV calibration system, which lets you calibrate your own TV using a probe via USB,

The WL and YL Series will be available in 42in, 46in and 55inch panel sizes, there's no news on pricing yet, but find out more from