Toshiba glasses-free 3D laptop touted

New Qosmio concept set to hit the floor at CES 2011

Tosh's new machine could spell the end for donning stupid specs for 3D fun.

Toshiba has pulled the wrappers off of a new Qosmio 3D laptop, which doesn’t require users to slap on stupid specs in order to chow down on three dimensional content.

It rocks two LCDs in order to serve up 3D images and even tracks punters eyes using the on-board webcam so you can watch in 3D when you’re not looking at the screen straight on.

Initial hands-on reports suggest it’s not quite up to scratch just yet, and while Tosh will have it at CES 2011, it’s not planning on releasing it, or a similar model, until the back end of 2011. Still, it’s one more thing coming out of Vegas to get het up about.

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Via Engadget