Toshiba Folio 100 Android tablet pulled

PC World stops selling slate after just ten days

10.1-inch effort was poorly received, with lack of Android Market to blame.

If you were planning on nabbing the new Toshiba Folio 10 tablet in the next few days, your options have just been severely limited. It turns out the FroYo-loaded slate has already been pulled by PC World, with its DSG partners, including, following suit.

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The move comes a mere ten days after the super-size machine went on sale in Europe. The reason? PC World says it has had a large number of returns, with customers disappointed with a device that seriously undercut the Galaxy Tab. The 16GB model costs just £329, compared to the Galaxy Tab’s new £479 price tag.

Customers are said to have complained about the failure to include Flash, despite Android 2.2 being geared up for the Adobe platform. Android Market is also missing, while others have said the touchscreen’s lack of pinch-to-zoom has left them disappointed.

While it doesn’t mean you can’t get the Folio 100 if you shop around, PC World’s move suggests that Tosh’s iPad-rival will never really get off the ground.

Has Toshiba scored an own-goal by rush-releasing the Folio 100? Did you buy one? If so, make sure you tell us about your experiences over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Link: Engadget

Update: We've since been in contact with Toshiba about the Folio 100 being pulled who released the following statement:

“Toshiba UK is aware of reports regarding customer returns of FOLIO 100, and is currently working with Dixons Retail to provide a solution. An update on availability will be provided in due course.”