Toshiba AT100 tablet launches in UK September 1st

10.1-inch Toshiba tab launching tomorrow in UK

Toshiba AT100 tablet launching in UK on September 1st.

Toshiba have announced their latest foray into the tablet market ahead of this year's IFA conference: the 10.1-inch Toshiba AT100 tablet, available from September first in the UK.

Under the hood the tablet packs a the same Tegra 2 processor found in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 32GB of onboard storage and a seven-hour battery life. The AT100 also comes running the latest iteration of Google's Android operating system, Honeycomb 3.1.

So far, so Android tablet. But the AT100 picks up some T3 style points with a rather natty coloured back cover (hewn from finest rubber) for extra grip and fashion cred. It's also something of a looker from the front, with a camera framed in semi-circle of chrome, breaking up the standard tablet-issue black bezel.

Toshiba has snuck the AT100 out just ahead of the rumoured Amazon Tablet that's had us all excited this past week, which anonymous sources have been claiming will undercut the iPad (and, therefore, the current stable of high-end Android tablets as well) by "hundreds of dollars". With no pricing info available, will the Toshiba AT100 find itself similarly outpriced? More when we hear it.