Top ten Android apps take 43 per cent of usage

Stats show a lack of diversity with the Android Market

Statistics have shown that despite catching up with Apple's App Store, the Android Market may not be as diversely used as expected.

Tech research company Neilsen has found that the top ten apps on the Android Market accounts for 43 per cent of usage, while the top 50 accounts for 61 per cent.

Considering the Android Market has around 250,000 apps available it's certainly a daunting statistic for those 249,950 apps that will have to compete for just 39 per cent of app usage. The report suggests that on top of those figures, those apps will also be competing for time spent using their applications as the average Android user spends only 56minutes using apps a day.

While it must be worrying for prospective app-builders to be facing such odds, it's important to remember that many apps will be used for social media, thus limiting their relevance and shortening the options available to them greatly. What would be interesting to see is if the same study was carried out on Apple's App Store.

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Source: Nielsen