TomTom iPhone car kit: free adapter for iPhone 4 outed

Freebie primed for GPS app users

Dutch mapping maven unleashes gratis adapter to keep Car Kit working.

Got an iPhone 4? Loaded it up with the pricey but fancy TomTom app and snagged the special Car Kit to make it play nice? Then you’re in line for a free adapter to keep your new GPS unit in working order.

See, the iPhone 4 doesn’t quite fit properly on TomTom’s dedicated Car Kit, so it’s sending out an adapter for nowt. In a statement on its website, TomTom said, “Due to the hardware and design changes applied to iPhone 4 an adapter is being made available to all existing TomTom Car Kit owners to ensure optimal performance of our products.”

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To get involved, you just need to make your way to TomTom’s official site, fill in your deets, hand over your Car Kit serial number, and you’re good to go. Think of it like the iPhone 4 Case Program, but without the headline grabbing failure to act quickly to fix the problem.

The adapter is included in TomTom Car Kit packages sold after 1 September, but if you bought yours before then, now’s the time to get involved.

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Link: TomTom