TomTom iPhone app updated

Version 1.8 lets you plan stops along the way

Helps you save time and stay safe on your journey

Driving for too long without a break is not only knackering, it can be potentially dangerous. Well now TomTom’s iPhone app has been updated, with a neat feature that’ll help you stay on your toes, and avoid any potential accidents.

Version 1.8 of the app lets you plan up to five stops along the way, setting them as waypoints just as you would your destination. Service stations for motorway journeys, diversions to pick up a friend, or even just a landmark you want to visit on the way, they’re all possible. It’s the first time it’s been featured in a TomTom app, and removes the hassle of having to recalculate your estimated arrival time for your destination.

The update also brings the latest maps, with the most recent changes to roads, as well as a refresh to TomTom’s speed camera database, to help you stay safe while avoiding fines.

All the usual features are on board too, with HD Traffic, IQ Routes, turn by turn guidance, and optional celebrity voices.
It’s available now for £49.99 (UK and Ireland maps) from the App Store.