TomTom GO LIVE 800 series launched

New satnav packs in all of TomTom's connected services

HD Traffic, voice control and hands-free calling all built into new high-end GPS.

TomTom has just got official with its new TomTom GO LIVE 800 series satnavs. There are two new mapping solutions, the GO LIVE 820 and GO LIVE 825, each one preloaded with the Dutch mapping maven’s connected services that make driving a doddle.

TomTom’s HD traffic solution, which tells you where jams are and the best way to avoid them, is on board, as is the QuickGPSfix feature for getting a lock on your location quick smart. Add in hands-free Bluetooth calling, TomTom Weather for local and five day forecasts, as well as a Live Search tool for points of interest, and you’re looking at a specced up mapper aiming to give free offerings Nokia Maps and Google Maps Navigation a run for their money.

The GO LIVE 825 rocks a massive 5-inch screen, while its 520 stablemate’s display is pared back to a still impressive 4.3-inches. Each one works with TomTom’s flip mount screen and uses an accelerometer so it can be rotated 180 degrees, so you don’t need to worry about sticking it the right way up on your windscreen.

The Live services on the new GO LIVE series are valid for one year before you have to stump up to renew them. The GO LIVE 825 is set to cost £229.99 and is landing this month. The GO LIVE 520 is yet to be priced, but expect it to be a touch cheaper when it launches in September.

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