TomTom gets inevitable Top Gear edition, Clarkson on your dashboard

Top Gear's Jezza becomes your own virtual backseat driver

We remember the days when satnavs had one function: to get us from a place we were in to a different place that we weren't, but would like to be. We asked that they were accurate, and did not expect them to entertain us on the journey.

But nowadays, Irish Jane and Scottish Stephen just won't cut mustard. Somehow, when we weren't looking, some marketing people decided that SatNavs should be a reflection of our personalities; a missed opportunity for drivers to express their winning senses of humour, and suddenly a weekend trip to Brighton was incomplete without a virtual co-pilot chiding us along in the voice of Yoda or Homer Simpson.

So it will come as no surprise to anyone that Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson has finally had himself digitsed and is now available to nag an berate both your sense of direction and taste in automobiles from your dashboard. So now, instead of your standard "turn left, drive for one mile, turn right", you'll be treated to such Jerem-isms as "after 700 yards - assuming this car can make it that far - you have reached your destination." Fortunately, there's also a bundled Stig mode, which replaces Clarkson with Top Gear's mute tame racing driver.

The Top Gear edition of TomTom is available in the UK now, priced £179.99. Take a look at the video below for a preview.