TomTom adds Simpsons characters to voice offerings

Mr Burns and Marge Simpson latest characters to offer their voices to satellite navigation

Joining the likes of Darth Vader, Ali G and Brian Blessed the voices of Marge Simpson and Mr Burns are now available for TomTom satnavs and apps

If you’ve ever wanted to be shouted at like a worthless driving monkey, or fantasised about have a croaky, blue-haired passenger on those long car journeys, then you may be in luck.

Following the success of the Homer Simpson voice app, Twentieth Century Fox is giving fans of The Simpsons yet another platform on which to enjoy their favourite yellow-hued characters from the groundbreaking franchise with Mr Burns and Marge Simpson joining the roster of downloadable voices for TomTom GPS apps and personal navigation devices.

Suitably evil and commanding, Mr Burns will release the hounds if you don’t follow his directions exactly (or maybe even if you do), while Marge takes things slow and steady, but might tell you to have a bath before she gives you your favourite lunchtime snack and pinches your cheek.

TomTom device users can download the additional voices for £7.95 each via the MyTomTom website or from TomTom HOME, while iPad and iPhone TomTom app users can purchase each additional set of familiar toned instructions for £3.49 apiece via an in-app download.

President of Fox Consumer Products, Jeffrey Godsick, explained that the company wants to ‘keep things fresh’ with the offerings on its TomTom apps, so perhaps we can look forward to more of the The Simpsons cast appearing on our dashboards.

Who do you want to see given the TomTom treatment next? Let us know who’s pipes you want to hear come out of your dashboard navigator via the comments box below.