Tokyoflash reveals new LED-lit Kisai Adjust watch

New mad looking timepiece arrives

New mad looking timepiece arrives

Tokyoflash has unveiled its latest mad time-telling device - the Kisai Adjust watch - which displays the time using 32 triangular LEDs.

The ‘futuristic, cyber-punk’ watch can be customised with six different colour modes and a light-up animation which operates between 6pm and midnight.

The triangles are supposed to emulate classic digits, and it is USB-rechargeable.

Tokyoflash Japan opened their Design Studio Blog in February 2010, inviting fans to showcase their own designs and concepts, and the Kisai Adjust, designed by Nicolas Hélin from Belgium, is the company’s ninth product to have been designed by a fan.

Hélin says “The idea behind Adjust was to tell the time in a simple way, but in a way that looks sci-fi and futuristic at a glance.
“I also wanted the watch to look different even when it is off, and to be modular in a way. I came up with the idea of digits made of triangles, with the same triangles embossed in the lens, and the possibility to change the display.”

The Kisai Adjust has a 48-hour launch price of $149, and a regular price of $179 following the introductory period, with an additional $4 discount for liking the product page.