Tipp-Ex uses YouTube for innovative ad campaign

An ad makes a hunter do anything you want to a bear

Over 1 million views on the innovative advertisement for Tipp-Ex on YouTube

On first viewing, you'd think it's just an ordinary YouTube video, titled "NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear!" Initial viewing shows a hunter being attacked by a bear at a camp site. But the end of the 30-second long video asks you whether you should shoot the bear or not.

You can't shoot the bear even if you try.

What the advert asks you to do, after Tipp-Ex'ing out the word "shoot" from the video title is to type in whatever you'd like the hunter to do to or with the bear. He can hug the bear, fish with him, and even marry him. There seem to be a myriad of options to play with, each showing us a humourous video of the hunter and the bear.

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While an ad campaign on YouTube is not new (remember the Old Spice ad?), using technology and the internet to promote your product can't hurt. YouTube could be the next big thing for ad campaigns, as it reaches so many people worldwide. And if a video goes viral, it only helps.

And judging by the 1 million plus views on the video already, it's not hurting Tipp-Ex one bit.

What did you type into the blanks? Let us know what you made the bear and hunter do on our Twitter stream and Facebook page.

Source: YouTube (via TechWatch)