TimeSplitter 4 release date coming 'soon' from Crytek

TimeSplitter franchise to be revived "soon"

Official PlayStation Magazine says TimeSplitter 4 announcement is coming "soon"

TimeSplitters 4 is set to be announced “soon,” the UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine has claimed suggesting the fourth addition to the futuristic shooter franchise will land shortly.

“Gun-wielding monkeys are finally making a comeback! A fourth TimeSplitters 4 title is to be announced soon," the magazine has announced seeming outing the imminent game arrival.

Launching for the Sony PlayStation 2 back at the turn of the millennium the 2000 TimeSplitters release was quickly followed by two sequels in the form of TimeSplitters 2 in 2002 and the 2005 released TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

Whilst TimeSplitters 4 has been repeatedly rumoured since then no official information has yet been given on the mooted release. Latest reports, however, suggest the game will be developed by Crytek in the UK.

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Via: PSU