Three promises 3G for rural Britain

Mobile operator promises to fill rural broadband gaps

Mobile network Three has become the knight in shining armour for the rural areas of Britain by promising them 3G goodness in lieu of their poor internet speeds

Three, the mobile network operator has offered to supply free 3G mobile-broadband in the form of their 3G dongles to the areas in Britain which suffer the worst internet speeds.

In what Three is calling a 'commitment to Government' they are helping make sure that everyone in Britain has at the very least a 2Mb service after it was found that some rural parts of the country were still suffering from pitiful internet speeds. The dongles will be offered to these rural areas of the country and will be free for a year with Three warning that while speeds will be an improvement they may still find it slowing during peak times.

This is all part of Three's approach to Britain's broadband woes by suggesting that through the use of mobile networks, areas worst hit can be brought back up to the Government standard.

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Source: PCPro