THQ's assets sold at auction

THQ dissolved as studios and game titles are sold at auction

THQ's sale has been approved by the US Bankrupcty Court and all of the publisher's games and development studios have been sold at auction

THQ's sad saga has finally drawn to a close, with the publisher being stripped of its assets, which were then sold to rival gaming companies. It's was the last move open to THQ, which effectively ceased to exist this week, after bankruptcy Judge Mary Walrath ruled against its $60m sale to investment group Clearlake following complaints from other investors.

The publisher's assts and IPs were sold to the following companies:

  • Relic Entertainment, makers of Company Of Heroes, Warhammer 40K Space Marine and the forthcoming Company Of Heroes 2 was sold to Sega for $26.6 million.
  • THQ Montreal, along with the publishing rights it holds to South Park: The Stick Of Truth, were picked up by Ubisoft for $2.5m and $3,265,306 respectively.
  • The Homefront IP was sold to Crytek for $544,218.
  • Evolve, a new IP from Turtle Rock Studios (who co-created Left 4 Dead) were bought by Take Two Interactive for $10,894m
  • Volition, the developer behind the highly lucrative Saint's Row franchise, was bought by Koch Media for $22,312,925. Koch also bought the Metro FPS franchise - and the rights to the already-in-development sequel, Metro: Last Light - for $5,877,551.

THQ says that it values its unsold assets - which include unannounced games and the WWE wrestling games license - at $29m. The auction this week also saw high-profile studio Vigil Games and its Darksider franchise without a buyer - although a tweet yesterday from Platinum Games's Atsushi Inaba has already been seized upon as an indication that the Osaka-based developer may be interested in acquiring the IP.

And that, as they say, is that. Alas poor THQ, we knew you well...