BlackBerry CEO admits firm had become 'fragmented'

CEO lays out new focused roadmap for BlackBerry 10 and beyond

Speaking to press, Thorsten Heins revealed a more personal side to BlackBerry's current struggles saying that it was time for the company to fight back

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has admitted that BlackBerry had become too 'fragmented', claiming that a lack of coherant focus had left the company with a bit of 'fat on the hips'

He added that he plans to turn the company into a 'lean mean fighting machine', and candidly admitted that during the launch of BlackBerry 7 there were some problems.

"We needed focus, this company was growing so tremendously fast, within 3 years we grew this to 20k people, and what happens to a company when you do this, you want to cover everything. You lose a line of sight, focus."

"RIM was the accountability system, the issue we had though was that it doesn’t scale with a £20bn company."

He went on to talk about the decision to build a completely new OS in the form of BlackBerry 10 and suggested that perhaps BlackBerry 7 had in fact been holding the company back.

"I can’t tell you how difficult that decision was, one and a half years ago, that the platform we had, wouldn’t be able to take us there, lets be really really clear, BlackBerry 7 has reached its peak of perfection."

"15 years in software is quite some time and we needed something that could really take us forward."