Third of customers to leave O2 after network outage

Snap survey reveals a third will be leaving network after contract ends

O2 has already come under fire from customers regarding the network outage last week but now it appears as though some will be looking to leave as well

A snap survey has revealed that a third of O2 customers will be looking to leave the network when their contract runs out following the network outage that occurred last week.

The survey carried out by asked 894 O2 customers who had all been affected by the outage and found that 34 per cent of them will be looking to leave the network when their contract is up for renewal.

When asked what sort of response O2 should have given with the phones out of action for 24 hours, 83 per cent said they would have expected compensation whether it was money off their bill or free credit for pay as you go customers.

Mark Pearson Chairman of had this to day on the results, “It was interesting to see how many people are considering changing their network provider as a result of O2’s outage last week. It makes you wonder how we managed before mobile phones came along! I think the main issue for most people isn’t the fact that they were unable to use their phone, but more that they were paying for a service that they weren’t getting.”