Thief 4 trailer released

Thief 4 trailer drops ahead of game's official announcement

Thief 4's debut trailer was leaked online ahead of its scheduled official unveiling yesterday

The announcement trailer for Square Enix's reboot of the classic stealth 'Thief' franchise has been leaked online. Non-gameplay footage from Thief 4 appeared ahead of its official release by Square Enix yesterday.

It showed the game's protagonist, Garrett, intoning omniously about the nature of the perfect heist, while doing thief-y things like watching victims from the shadows, playing with tools of his trade and evading capture before leaping out of a window to safety.

If replicated by the final game, the footage seems to hint that Thief 4 will be a far more action-packed entry in the series than its predecessor.

Oh, and the game isn't called Thief 4 anymore; it's simply been rebranded 'Thief'. The trailer also confirms that the game has been confirmed for PC, PS4
"and other next generation consoles".

Thief 4, or Thief, as it is now known, first broke cover via a Russian gaming website in early March. Since then, Eidos Montreal have confirmed the existence of the project and that it will see release sometime in 2014.

US gaming magazine, Game Informer, has also released a series of details about the game, including the facts that it will take place in a Gothic Industrial urban metropolis known simply as 'The City' and that it will feature the series' signature protagonist, Garrett.

The official pitch for the game has Garrett helping himself to the riches of other people as often as possible. It also says that "the City is broiling with social tension as it is ravaged by a plague and lorded over by a political tyrant known as the Baron. In order to survive his adventures, Garrett will have to pay attention to his environment and make use of the may possible paths through each of the game's levels."

We'll be posting more details about Thief as they come in. Watch this space...