Thief 4 screenshots leaked

Thief 4 screens reportedly appear on Russian website

Thief 4 screenshots, which is currently being worked on by Eidos Montreal, have been leaked on a Russian gaming website

Is there any point to embargoes anymore? It seems that every other week some gaming website - usually Kotaku - reveals some concept art, screenshots, secret documentation or screengrab detailing an unrevealed gaming title or console. Now a Russian website has joined the rumour mill, after screenshots of what appears to be Thief 4 have been leaked on it.

The images, discovered by NeoGaf, look like they may have been lifted from a magazine and Eurogamer has posited the theory that they may have originated from US magazine Game Informer.

The screenshots show a series of first-person perspective shots in which the player is using weapons and hiding in an environment that seems to combine elements from both Medieval and Renaissance aesthetics. The also show the character model of what we can only assume is the game's protagonist, a cowled and masked figure clad in black.

The fourth Thief game has been in production at Eidos Montreal for quote some time now. The Square Enix-owned studio recently scored a hit with Deus Ex: Human Revolution with game sales for that title topping 2m units.