The Times' Eureka science magazine comes to iPad

Monthly supplement goes digital with 59p app

Another UK Mag joins T3 on the iPad

The Times newspaper has built on its iPad portfolio by adding its monthly science supplement Eureka to the App Store.

The digital magazine, which is available separately from the £10-a-month The Times newspaper service, has been brought to life with exclusive video, audio, beautiful extended galleries as well as interactive elements and psychometric tests.

“We’re incredibly proud of the Eureka app. When we were in the design process we didn’t want to create a purely functional app.

"Instead, what we wanted was an app that would wow, amaze and excite people, capturing the essence of Eureka in digital format,” said Robert de Souza, digital project manager at The Times.

The first issue, with a focus on science and sport, is available to download now for 59p. We'd hope that more issues follow shortly as it's good to see more magazines follow T3 on to the iPad.

Link: Eureka for iPad | TigerSpike