The T3 Gadget Gallery iPad app available to download now

50 of the world's most desirable gadgets for just £1.19

You may want to hide your wallet before exploring our top 50 tech picks

Want to know what the 50 most desirable bits of kit in the world are at this very minute. Well, if you’ve got an iPad we’ll show you. The T3 Gadget Gallery (Vol. 1) has launched today and is available to download now from the App store.

- The T3 Gadget Gallery (Vol. 1): Download via the T3 iPad app here

The first ever T3 Gadget Gallery for iPad, available for just £1.19 from the T3 iPad App, is a collection of some of the world’s most desirable technology, presented to you in inimitable T3 style. Here we have 50 stunning gadgets, many with gorgeous hands-on videos and 360-degree showcases. The gallery is designed in portrait, so lock your iPad screen in the upright position to experience the showcase as intended.

If you like what you see, be sure to download the T3 iPad Edition, every month from the T3 app, now available via subscription at a wallet-friendly price. Just as well, given that you’ll probably want to splash the rest of your cash on what’s inside. As always, let us know what you think on the T3 Twitter feed.

T3 iPad App issues 187: Video walkthrough

Via: T3 iPad App walkthrough | Source: T3 Tech Video