The Sunday Times uses COD image in real life report

News outlet caught using video game images in report of real life hostage story

Following last years ITV controversy, news outlet The Sunday Times has been reported to have used COD images to illustrate a real world story

The Sunday Times has become the latest media outlet to use video game footage to highlight real world events with stills from Call of Duty featuring in the paper alongside the story of a failed hostage rescue mission in Nigeria.

Telling of how a Briton and an Italian, who had been taken hostage last May, tragically died in the efforts to rescue them, The Sunday Times used an image of COD's John 'Soap' MacTavish to illustrate the piece as opposed to photographs of the parties involved.

Needlessly blanking out the eyes of the fictional fighter, the weekend publication has failed to comment on the reasoning for its use of the Call of Duty character within its article.

Far from the first time a media outlet has used video game images instead of real world footage, broadcaster ITV was deemed by Ofcom to have significantly breached the audience's trust last September when it used content from ARMA 2 in a documentary about Gaddafi and the IRA.

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Via: TechRadar