The Last Of Us: PS3 exclusive revealed at VGAs

Survival horror title with plenty of greenery

The Last Of Us, a new survival horror title from the makers of the Uncharted series, gives us an official trailer and a look at some of its grisly baddies

Remember those cryptic screenshots we reported on last week from PlayStation's "exclusive we wouldn't believe?" Well, as predicted, the devs behind The Last Of Us, a new survival horror title coming to PS3, have spilled a couple more beans with a new two-minute trailer at 2011's Video Game Awards.

The trailer shows a post-outbreak United States almost completely reclaimed by nature; plantlife poking up through the concrete and cars rusted out by the roadside. Through the desolation, a sour-faced Max Payne lookalike and flick-knife-toting teenage girl are surviving day to day, looting abandoned buildings and hiding from fast-moving infected humans. There's no explanation for how things went quite so pear-shaped in the trailer, but a previous teaser showed footage of ants with infectious, mind-controlling growths sprouting out of their heads, a delightful, real-world condition caused by the fungus Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis. Google it.

But we've been hurt before by trailers that have oversold zombie games to us. Who doesn't remember that spine-tinglingly good pre-rendered teaser for the decidedly average Dead Island, with the happy holiday couple getting chewed to bits while their daughter gets lobbed out the window? Show us a gameplay trailer, developers, and then we'll talk.