The Last Guardian resurfaces

Keep an eye out for announcement about The Last Guardian, says developer

The Last Guardian has returned to the spotlight as the game's developer hints that an announcement about it is on the horizon

With gaming industry analysts convinced that Sony will unveil the PS4 in New York next week, news has emerged about a game that could be one of the first titles for the next-gen console. The creator of the long-delayed Sony PlayStation exclusive, The Last Guardian, has hinted that there may be some forthcoming news about the game soon.

The Last Guardian was first unveiled as a scheduled PS3 title at E3 a couple of years ago, but precious little has been heard about the game since. However, acclaimed games developer Fumito Ueda has posted on his website that news about the game may be on the horizon. He's also revealed that he's still connected with developing the game, albeit in a supervisory capacity.

"While it's been a long time in coming, The Last Guardian remains under my creative supervision and is still in development by an incredibly talented team," Ueda wrote. "I should also mention that details regarding The Last Guardian's release is solely decided by Sony Computer Entertainment, not myself."

"Please keep an eye out for their official announcement," he added.

So we now have news of an announcement about The Last Guardian, just ahead of a massive PlayStation event scheduled for next week. Is it too soon to put two-and-two together and speculate that Ueda's story of a boy and his Gryphon could possibly be one of the PS4's launch titles? Watch this space...