The Kube 2 unveiled as 'world's smallest' MP3 player

Touch interface and alluminium form factor

Bluetree Electronics won everyone over with the super-cheap original Kube but now it has a new product that claims to be even smaller, but will it be as good?

Bluetree Electronics have unveiled their latest product the Kube 2 MP3 player offering consumers what the company believes is the 'world's smallest' MP3 player on the market.

Building on the original's simplistic design ethos the Kube 2 has a alluminium wrap-around body with a touch-sensitive control panel on one side and the inputs on the other, both features that Bluetree were keen to include after getting feedback from customers.

“Since the launch of theKube two years ago, our customers suggested that a touchscreen on the player would allow for easier navigation. They also added that they would like to have changeable skins to give theKube a new look and feel,”

The Kube 2 has a reported battery life of 6-hours continuous play and with the microSD slot can support a memory of up to 32GB. The control mechanism has been changed as well with a touch-sensative panel recognising gestures which then correlate to functions such as play, pause and volume up and down.

Available now in Singapore it's not known when the next Kube will make its way to the UK or if it will indeed head to British shores but rest assured that when we know, you'll know.

Is this size gone mad or a brilliant piece of tech? Let us know what you think via the comments box below..