The Internet hits back at Mary Bale, the cat bin lady

YouTube, Twitter and Facebook out Mary Bale's actions

The power of the World Wide Web was unleashed on Mary Bale, who decided to put a cat in a bin.

British bank worker Mary Bale found out exactly how powerful the Internet could be after she put a cat in a trash bin, where it remained, unable to get out until it was rescued 15 hours later.

First, YouTube. The cat Lola's owners put the video of Mary putting the cat in the bin, as they had a tape of the incident on their CCTV system.

Next, it was the turn of 4chan, which identified who the woman was. After that, it is reported that they revealed details of her employment, her phone number and her Facebook page.

Spoof videos of cats putting Mary in a bin started circulating YouTube. A fake Twitter account was created (imaginatively titled "CatBinLady"). Facebook now has a "Mary Bale Hate Group" with over 9000 people who "like" it.

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Mary Bale, who is currently in hiding because of all the online vitriol, is the subject of a game called Whack-Cat-Woman created by The Sun newspaper. Players of the game can whack her head as it appears from trash bins on a street.

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