The future of 3D is hampered by 'bad 3D films'

Exclusive: 3D's future is in the balance Oscar winner tells T3

Oscar winning visual effects specialist Scott Farrar tells T3 bad 3D films are hampering the uptake of the extra-dimensional tech

The future of 3D is in the balance with the continued push towards the extra-dimensional technology to be decided by the quality of the 3D films being produced, industry experts have told T3.

Despite the recent trend to push major Hollywood films out in both 2D and 3D forms, Oscar winning visual effects specialist Scott Farrar has warned poor quality movies will damage the fragile reputation of the fledgling industry with the continued support of the 3D platform still far from certain.

“There have been some bad 3D films that have been made,” Farrar who has worked on films such as Back to the Future, Jurassic Park and Transformers said in an exclusive interview with T3. “If 3D is continued to be done badly people wont like it and the films won’t get made because people won’t enjoy it.”

Despite his concerns Farrar was keen to back the 3D platform stating “If 3D is done well and people see good 3D then the public will welcome it.”

“3D films are sort of like electric cars in some ways. Are people really going to rush out to buy electric cars or are they going to hold for hydrogen cars and stick with their petroleum vehicles until then? It is always the same when something new is introduced, people are uncertain so like electric cars the future of 3D does remain in the balance.”

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