The Daily iPad newspaper free online: No iPad necessary

Tumblr account gifts legal, gratis access to the news rag

Digital paper available to read on Tumblr sans subscription

The Daily newspaper, launched two days ago, is the first daily rag to appear solely on the iPad. The currently US-only app costs 99 cents a week and is pushed to Apple’s tablet on a daily basis. But what if you don’t own an iPad?

Fret not, anyone wanting to read Rupert Murdoch’s newest publication can do so online via a handy loophole online. The paper makes its content available to share online through the app, so all it’s taken is one enterprising chap to index all this content and blog it.

That person is journalist Andy Baio, who has set up a Tumblr page that’ll let you read every article from the Daily each… erm, day. Technically there’s nothing illegal about this, but we’re sure that Murdoch’s none too happy either way, since it brings the newspaper’s content to any iPad with an internet connection. Will you partake of this swindle? Let us know on the ever-busy T3 Twitter feed.