Text forwarding spy app banned from Android Market

'Secret SMS Replicator' outs cheating partners

CIA-style text message tap thrown off the Android Market.

An app that can be covertly installed your Android phones by another person to forward all your text messages to another number has been banned by the Android Market.

The somewhat horrifying 'Secret SMS Replicator' app for Android was available to download until yesterday.

The app allows folks who suspect their partners of cheating to install the app on their handset, insert their own number and have all of that persons texts appear on their phone.

Even more terrifying is that the app has no icon or shortcut to speak of, so once the spy has planted the seed there's very little chance that the target will pick up on the phone tap.

It's at times like this when we think Apple has the right idea with its Fort Knox-like entrance to the App Store isn't such a bad idea, and reportedly that's why developer DLP Mobile opted for Google's more chilled-out Android Market.

Check out the video below:

Link: Switched.com