Tetris therapy to reduce flashbacks and stress

Destress yourself with some Tetris action

After being in circulation for over 25 years, Tetris is healing people

Tetris isn't just another game - it has a positive effect on people suffering from stress.

Researchers from Oxford University have found that the block game is able to psychologically heal people suffering from trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A group of people, with no prior mental problems, were tested, and were shown a video containing stressful images. Then, the subjects were split into three groups, one playing Tetris, one playing a Pub Quiz game and the last were told to sit quietly.

After 10 minutes, experts found that the participants playing Tetris reported fewest number of flashbacks in comparison with the other two groups. No other game seemed to have the same effect.

The test was repeated with the same results.

The authors of the report said: "We account for this based on current models of memory consolidation indicating that certain types of memory may be malleable for up to six hours."

It suggests that visual-spatial activities like Tetris can be developed as a kind of "cognitive vaccine" as an alternative to current treatment for stress disorders.

Not bad for a game that's over 25 years old.

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Via: Pocket-Lint