Tesco to offer games trade-in service nationwide

Old games to buy dinner thanks to supermarket service

Games trade-in to be offered from supermarket giant Tesco

Retail behemoth Tesco has announced it is to roll out its video game trade-in service nationwide following a successful trial to the system earlier this year.

Following the announcement, the supermarket giant has begun to run a number of print adverts that offer customers £12 for their old PS3 copies of 2010 FIFA World Cup, £19 for Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox 360 and £17 for the Wii based Mario Kart.

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These impressive trade-in prices do come with a catch, however. Money made from the trading-in of old titles can only be used in Tesco stores. Although a slight downer on the service, with the amount on offer in Tesco’s superstores, be it essentials or entertainment, the money from old games can be used in many different ways.

60 Tesco stores nationwide are now offering the games trade-in service with more expected to follow in the near future. Are you tempted by the Tesco trade-in service? Let us know if you would pick Tesco over the highstreet stores and why via the T3 Twitter and Facebook pages.