Tesco Digital Locker to take on iTunes

Supermarket giant to provide "content anytime anyplace"

"Buy the title, not the format" says the supermarket giant

Tesco is set to launch a ‘Digital Locker’ scheme to combat iTunes in the UK. The initiative, with a possible launch date pencilled in as early as October, will allow you to consume the media you buy on any device, at any time, in any place.

Essentially, that means that if you buy a Blu-ray movie, with Tesco’s Digital Locker you’ll also be able to access it on your laptop or mobile at no extra cost.

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Richard Bron, CEO of Blueprint Digital, working with Tesco to make the proposals a reality, explained the idea: "The way it would work practically is that when you buy a disc in store or online, that title would be put up into your Digital Locker which would immediately be accessible from devices registered to that locker."

The project aims to supply content to users “whenever or wherever they are". And with Tesco’s apparent desire to leave the Locker open from DRM, it may well give Apple some food for thought.

Link: Tesco