Temple Run to get Retina Display update for New iPad 3

After success of Android launch updates are on the horizon

Temple Run, the hugely addictive game for iOS and now Android will apparently be getting some new updates including a graphics boost for the iPad 3

Imangi, the people behind Temple Run have revealed that they are working on a Retina Display update for the game so that it'll look even clearer on the new Apple iPad 3.

Talking in an interview with Pocket Gamer Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova revealed that alongside the HD update they were also looking at including new levels and environments.

This comes after the game was successfuly ported to Android with the hugely addictive title now free to play on both Apple and Google devices.

Temple Run sees you running from evil monkey-like creatures at break-neck pace and collecting coins along the way, has been downloaded 45m times for the iPhone and iPad and has topped the iOS charts.

The gameplay requires players to perform sharp turns and jumps to avoid sheer cliff faces, while obtaining points will allow you to unlock new characters. However, none are as handsome as Harrison Ford or that other tomb-raiding temptress Angelina Jolie.

If you bash into walls, it slows you down and the creatures/monkeys/zombies/unpleasant beasties will eat your thieving little carcas.

Now, Android gamers (with 2.1 and above) have been allowed in on the top-down platform action and it's a free download too. Enjoy.

Source: Pocket Gamer