Telephone is the greatest ever gadget, says T3 readers

The dog-and-bone tops list of best ever tech inventions

T3 readers beg to differ with Stephen Fry's list of greatest ever gadgets...

Last week we asked for your feedback on Stephen Fry’s somewhat controversial list of the most important, best and greatest gadgets ever. Fry positioned the humble cigarette lighter as his number one gadget.

While his definition of what a ‘gadget’ is allows allowed the list to contain such wonders as the bra, the stapler and the pen, we wanted to know your thoughts on his top ten.

The results were tight between it and the TV in second place, but the telephone scooped your favour by 3 per cent, with 24 per cent of the votes. Below the TV was, surprisingly, the Apple iPad, followed by the wristwatch, the lighter, the laptop, the ball point pen, the Apple iPod and the Typewriter.

Coming in at 10th, rather than the 9th position it held in Fry’s list, was another Apple product… the apple peeler.

Agree or disagree with the final results? Let us know your thoughts on the T3 Twitter feed, and then get stuck into this week’s poll: Which is the best tech to come out of IFA 2011?