Technogym launches Artis Android powered gym equipment

Make Skype, talk to a trainer, log onto Facebook and log your progress from a running machine

Fitness equipment manufacturer Technogym has launched a new line of gym machines infused with Android powered functions.

Having set up a 'Wellness' account, gym-goers can customise a series of favourite web pages and services, accessed via smartphone or a specialised key – the whole service is called Unity.

The cycling and running machines contain a screen on the front, which can access the internet and various TV services for entertainment – as well as provide access to training information and professionals.

Built in Skype functionality allows you to make calls while you're working out

The screens can also be set up to show a rolling image of a mountains terrain, for example, with the machines include adapting in accordance. If you like, you can virtually compete against anyone else on the Unity system, within your own gym or around the world.

The strength machines meanwhile measure your reps, and will alert you if you're pushing the weights to slow, or too fast.

The whole system logs how much work you've done per session for your own records, and can be displayed centrally for a kind of leaderboard of effort.

The machines displays are powered by the kinetic energy produced by the running or cycling. This energy can even be pumped into the gym's energy grid to help power the building.

Check out our video below: