Tech Week: Xbox 720 & Apple iOS5

Plus Facebook juror jailed for 8months

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.


Rumour has it that Microsoft will release the Xbox 720 at next years E3 event. The company behind the time splitters franchise were falling over themselves to praise the graphic capacities of the new console. The upcoming Wii U will have “at least as” good graphics as the Xbox 360 and the PS3. But, Eurogamer’s Carmack has now revealed that the PS4 and Xbox 720 could be up to ten times more powerful than their predecessors. Bad luck Nintendo.

Despite the inordinate levels of security around the Wii U, two pictures have been leaked, its neat and tiny design cannot but impress. The Wii U will not be compatible with Blue-Ray or DVD as to save costs, at the expense of
practicality. Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aime has said that it will be possible to accommodate multiple controllers. Although, the probable expense of a controller lessens the significance of this.

Facebook has been hitting the news with a decrease in membership in 3 of its original territories, the UK, America
and Canada. Additionally, 40-year-old Joanne Fraill has been jailed for 8 months for communicating via the website with a defendant while on juror duty. The case is the first of its kind and indicates the prominence of social-networking.

Apple speculation has as always been dominating our news headlines. The iPhone 5 release is nearing and said to be September as the phone is supposedly undergoing finally testing. A recent patent filing for “ad hoc networking based on content and location,” had led to suggestions that iOS5 will feature an apple exclusive social network. Finally, Apple hopes to bring an end to iPhone being used for videoing at gigs; using infrared sensors to detect and block devices.


The Apple WWDC 2011 conference failed to reveal any new hardware but a first look at iCloud, OS X Lion and iOS 5. The iOS 5, said to be released in autumn, looks very exciting. Set to include over 200 features, key new additions include an improved message centre and greater social-networking integration.

The battle for our tech-savvy pocket between the Samsung Galaxy S2, Motorola Atrix and the LG Optimus 2X rages on and we compare them on build, user interface, screen, performance, camera and their connectivity. Make your own mind with our insightful T3 videos.

The T3 awards 2011 voting is in full-throttle, we have cherry-picked the nominees that fall below the £100 figure to show you award-winning tech doesn’t have to cost the earth. £100? Pittance, for such ingenuity.


The beautiful camcorder, the Casio Tryx, gets its video review. The extremely-dinky device had so much design promise, we just wondered if it was packing the technical capacities to match.

We reviewed the HTC salsa emblazoned with the Facebook badge to see if it really is the single greatest social-networking phone.

Finally, a reiew of the upcoming FIFA 12. The latest addition from the EA sports FIFA franchise again promises to raise the bar and it sure does!