Tech Week: PSP Phone leaks and white iPhone 4 delays

Plus: MacBook Air review and the best Android apps to buy

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.

News of the Week
Leaks and spy shots keep gadget fans on the edge of their seats awaiting the next groundbreaking techy delight. This week’s leak supreme came in the form of photos of the heavily rumoured Sony PlayStation Phone. The leak from gadget blog Engadget caused quite a stir in the industry and forced Sony to comment on the existence of such a device. Are you are excited as we are?

On a more disappointing note, Apple’s repeatedly delayed white iPhone 4 has been put back further as the Cupertino company announced that the lighter hued handset will now not arrive until spring of 2011. With the news of yet more delays to the white iPhone 4, speculation began again on the cause of the postponement with latest reports suggesting camera issues. Another product to be hit be repeated delays, Gran Turismo 5 is reported to be getting a release date by the end of the month according to one Sony bigwig.

Tablets have been the talk of tech town over the past few months and this shows no sign of changing anytime soon. This week the market leading Apple iPad was in the news as it emerged one in ten iPad owners has never downloaded a single app for the device. Looking to cash in on the iPad’s success, RIM this week gave the first live demonstration of the working BlackBerry PlayBook as retail giant Toys ‘R’ Us announced it will stock a £90 Android tablet.

Other top news stories this week are a mishmash of celebritydom, big screen classics and the rise of Google’s mobile OS. In respective order, Lady Gaga broke YouTube records this week with more than 1 billion total video plays of the peculiar pop star. Back to the Future celebrated 25 years since launch with the announcement of the BTTF video game due out this year and Google’s Android OS reached a milestone as it topped 100,000 available apps in the Android Market Place. Busy week all-round then.

App of the Week | Pages
Apple's word processor stylishly makes the jump from Mac to its market leading tablet device
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Features of the Week
We all like to dream, we all like to hope but when we are teased with tantalising concept designs we are left pining for the realisation of these future products. To share this want and frustration we bring you the concept phones we at T3 wish were real. Are you already shuffling your feet in anticipation?

Video games are big business, even more so as the Christmas rush begins. Making sure you don’t end up with a bunch of expensive letdowns, we bring you the T3 guide to the best video games available today. From FIFA 11 to Medal of Honor, we have it all.

With the clocks changing this weekend and evenings becoming drastically darker, we will all be in need of something to pass the time. If you have an Android handset then look no further and instead check out the best Android apps to buy this year.

T3 Podcast - The web's biggest audio gadget show
The T3 tech team discuss the weeks top news and their gadget of the week, the JCB Pro-Talk TOUGHPHONE
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Reviews of the Week
HTC is currently on a run of form envied by all of its competitors. The latest high-end smartphone to come from the Taiwanese company is the HTC Desire HD and the T3 reviewers have been putting the 4.3-inch, 8-megapixel handset through its paces. Check out the full verdict here.

Officially unveiled last week the updated edition of the Apple MacBook Air has now been handed over to the hard to please T3 reviewers and subjected to their critical eye. See why the new Mac Air has been deemed a four-star laptop despite Apple’s continued sky-high prices.

Looking pick yourself an entry level smartphone this weekend? If so, stop right where you are and before you go splashing your cash, check out T3’s review of the six best budget all-in-one handsets. Which of the wallet-friendly pocket-powerhouses will take your fancy?

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