Tech Week: PSP Android phone and PAYG iPhone 4s

Plus: The new Premier League ball and Apple iMac review

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.

News of the Week
iPhone 4 arriving on a variety of PAYG handsets has been the week’s big story with Vodafone toughing it out for the best deals. Whilst O2 might have lost out on this battle its customers can now pick themselves up the latest Apple handset with all the O2 PAYG perks. Following the announcement early in the week that Vodafone was to offer the iPhone 4 on a PAYG basis, huge demand saw the red network provider run out of stocks. Back to square one it is for Vodafone iPhone 4 hopefuls then.

Android rumours and Android facts challenged Apple’s news making title in the past seven days with words of a PSP phone coming from Sony Ericsson with Google OS innards running wild in the land of tech. On the fact front, the Android OS has outsold that of fierce rivals Apple as it climbs the ranks of global popularity and helps push phone manufacturer HTC into the top 10 of world mobile brands for the first time.

Kicking off a trio off gaming stories this week was the news that Sony’s PlayStation Move is to change the future of gaming with its 3D capabilities. This may have come from a Sony employee but we at T3 agree. Following that Microsoft came out with another blow for Kinect as the motion peripheral disappoints rumours that it will understand sign language for its deaf users. Finally on the gaming front we get a sneak peak at Call of Duty 8. Tempted? Take a look.

App of the Week | SwiftKey
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Features of the Week
What better way to spend a wet and miserable weekend than grabbing yourself a load of free stuff. Whilst you could always give that a go through the T3 competitions you could also take a look at our best free Android apps feature and fill your Google-powered phone with mounds of free goodness.

Touch this, Touch that. No, we aren’t commanding you to be overly handsy, instead we are offering you quick and collated access to all the best, believable and far-out rumours for the upcoming new Apple iPod Touch set to arrive in the coming weeks. What can we say; we are just nice like that.

The referee’s a wa….. Whoops, sorry about that, got a bit carried away there what with it being the opening day of the new Premier League season. Whatever team you support there is one thing that will affect you all this season, the new ball. Fortunately for you we here at T3 have had a look at one and decided to let you in on six things you need to know on the Nike Tracer Target90.

T3 Podcast - The web's biggest audio gadget show
Listen to the talkative T3 team discuss the weeks top news and their gadget of the week, the new Apple iMac
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Reviews of the Week
The new Xbox 360 Slim console is smaller and quieter than the original 360 but is it better? Well why not take a ganders at the 360 Slim review, it got our five-star seal of approval and a high-end video review to boot. What more could you possibly want?

Rumours of the new iPod Touch have been one of the week’s biggest talking points but the Apple device isn’t the only PMP doing the rounds. Sony has been in on the action with the Sony Walkman E453 which has had our eagle-eyed reviewers all over it.

With new Core-i processors and lightning-fast response rates Apple’s iMac is an all-in-one machine that will have you looking longingly. Having reviewed the new 27-inch Apple iMac we can report it has taken Apple’s lust levels to new heights.

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