Tech Week: PSP 2 to get 3G and iPhone 4 issues continue

Plus: New iPod Touch and Microsoft Kinect review

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.

News of the Week
There is no end in sight for the issues that have troubled the recent launch of the Apple iPhone 4. Not only has T3's own testing of the iPhone 4 signal issues with a speed test app are more than the misrepresenting reception bars claimed by Apple but companies have been cashing in on the faults and Apple has even said its upcoming software fix won't help the problem. To add to Apple's worries, iPhone 4's have now been seen to catch fire due to faulty USB ports, whatever next?

Sony is attacking the gaming market with full force this week. Having unveiled a larger harddrive packing white edition of the PS3 Slim, the company has also been surrounded in rumours of a 3G touting PSP 2 being on the horizon. Good news for Sony if true as portable gaming competitor Nintendo sees sales of the DSi soar following a price drop.

Microsoft has been busy in the gaming market this week too. Not only did we get our first UK hands-on with the awesome Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 (see reviews below) but we received news that the 360's online service Xbox Live is to be updated. An update is a nice touch from Microsoft following the revelation that Xbox Live is worth over $1 billion. It better be a bling-tastic update.

Christmas comes but once a year. Unless you work in retail then you have it in July like the folks at John Lewis did. Whilst showing off to endless journalists, the John Lewis tech crew let slip about an incoming, FaceTime touting, new iPod Touch. Following this revelation, parts for the new Touch have been unearthed giving a tasty pre-sight to the new PMP.

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Features of the Week
Summer, summer, summer time. Time to sit back and unwind and what better way to unwind it the blazing summer sun we hear you say than a glass of freshly made juice? Well, we had the same thought and so for this weekend of uncharacteristic heatwave we bring you the six best juicers for the perfect heat beating beverage.

Happy Future Day! Oh, its still five years away? Someone really should have told Total Film before they incorrectly Tweeted about the Back to the Future reference and sent the world into a future day frenzy. The film 'experts' aren't alone in their Twitter cock-ups, however, to prove it, here is the best of the social networking site's foot-in-mouth moments.

Has the Tour de France got you glued to the couch or given you itchy feet and the need to feel the wind in your hair and an uncomfortable seat half way up your rear-end? If like us you fall into the latter group and fancy a cycle of your own, check out the top cycling apps to help your peddle powered outings.

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Reviews of the Week
Our top review of the week is a tasty little scoop of some ground breaking tech's first outing in the UK, Microsoft Kinect. We got hands-on with the motion-sensing peripheral and gaming experience and so have brought you our first look of the exciting and addictive Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360.

Samsung smartphones are appearing left, right and centre at the minute but this one, the Samsung Galaxy S is one to take notice of. The most powerful Android phone ever built, the Samsung blower gets put through the T3 tests with its gleaming 4-inch Super AMOLED display winning our hearts.

Not exactly a brand new product in itself, but the update being reviewed here is a doozie. The Sony PlayStation 3 Slim has been updated for compatibility with 3D games and 3D Blu-rays. The extra dimension given to the Sony console is a treat and one that we think is thoroughly deserving of our 5-star approval.

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