Tech Week: Pollyanna Woodward covers T3

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Tech Week: Pollyanna Woodward takes over T3, the Amazon Kindle Fire UK release date is set for early 2012 and the Apple iPad 2 could be banned in China

Before we begin our weekly tech news round up, we’ve got a special surprise for all our loyal readers.

The gadget goddess that is Pollyanna Woodward has become the latest T3 cover girl. If you want to read her pick of the best tech of 2011, grab yourself a copy of our January issue - out now!

Right, now back to the less juicy stuff. Following the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800, the Nokia Lumia 710 UK release date has finally been confirmed as January 6.

It seems as though things are looking up for Nokia. It's only a shame that the same cannot be said for Apple. The company has found itself in hot water with the Chinese authorities, which could potentially lead to an Apple iPad 2 ban in China.

As if that wasn't bad enough, news has emerged that the Amazon Kindle Fire release date is apparently set for early 2012.

The tablet is Amazon's first attempt at penetrating the crowded tablet market and is set to challenge the iPad, but whether this so-called 'iPad killer' will prove a success remains to be seen.


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