Tech Week: LG OLED 55" TV and Razer's Project 'Fiona'

Plus: iPad 3 spotted in hands-on review?

This week in the world of tech: We get hands-on with LG's stunning 55" OLED TV and Nokia reveals just how many Lumia's its managed to sell

After a frankly exhausting week of technology news, T3 attempts to pick out the cream of the crop.

In one of the big CES moments, Samsung finally unveiled the Google Chromebox, the company’s answer to the Mac Mini. Running Google Chrome OS, the pint-sized device can be run on any desktop computer, and will release alongside the refreshed range of Chomebook laptops set to be released in Q2.

Although Apple wasn’t present at CES this week, it still managed to steal some thunder in the form of a hands-on review of the iPad 3, which surfaced on the web just days ago. Apple blog iLounge claims to have had some personal play time with the new iPad, touting the device to be 1mm thicker than its current iteration and sporting a retina screen display.

However this might not even be the biggest Apple news this week, as the company announced a special press event to be held next week in New York. The invitation reads “Join us for an education announcement in the Big Apple” and goes hand in hand with recent reports that Apple is preparing to dominate the school textbook market. Of course, Apple being Apple, we won’t know anything for certain until Thursday rolls around.

As 2012 promises to turn up the heat on the tablet race, we have to admit that Razer’s ‘Project Fiona’ tablet, unveiled at CES, certainly grabbed our attention. Designed as a gaming-centric device, Razer’s tablet runs on Windows 8 and sports two attached nunchuck controllers at either end of the tablet.

CES also saw the unveiling of a range of new TVs, chief among them being the LG 55-inch OLED television, boasting 4-Colour Pixel and Colour Refining Technology – not to mention a 4mm bezel. We likey very much.

Unfortunately, a great week of techy goodness was rounded up with the news that Monster and Beats by Dr Dre will part ways at the end of their current contract. Between them, the two companies now own 53% of the headphone market, so it’s certainly a shame to see them go their separate ways.

However there was more positive news from Nokia this week, which announced it had shifted 1 million Lumia 800s in quarter 4 of 2011. Sales of the Windows Phone 7 handset doubled those put forward by analysts prior to release.


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This week’s big review from CES has to be the Nokia Lumia 900, with the company out to prove it's a heavyweight contender in the smartphone race.

Nokia isn’t the only one, either. T3 got up close and personal with Sony’s brand new Xperia S smartphone, its first phone since the company bought out Ericsson’s half of the partnership.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, we also got some hands on time with the Canon G1 X camera, which packs DSLR quality pictures into a compact.