Tech Week: iPod Touch leaks and BlackBerry Torch launch

Plus: Inside Microsoft Kinect and Apple iPad rules

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.

News of the Week
BlackBerry has come out top of the tech pops this week following RIM’s launch of the new full QWERTY slider touting BlackBerry Torch handset. Shortly after the handset was unveiled, speculation as to which networks would host the phone in the UK was answered as Vodafone announced itself as the first carrier. Hot on the trail of the BlackBerry Torch limelight was its elder sibling the Pearl 3G that is wizzing its way to PAYG on T-Mobile. Lots of RIM action this week then.

Apple is never one to shy away from headlines and this week is no different. The main talking points of the fruity tech company this week; leaked images of a new iPod Touch. The snapshots follow days of rumours surrounding the possible arrival of new iPods, iPads and iPhones all before the Christmas period.

It has been a bad week for Kinect, the motion gaming peripheral on its way from Microsoft. Having failed to function at demo in Hong Kong Kinect was announced not to be a platform for the upcoming Fable 3 title release. If that wasn’t bad enough, sales forecasts and consumer polls have show that PlayStation’s Move is going to outsell Kinect when the two systems launch later this year. Sorry Kinect.

Mr FroYo, Mr FroYo, come quick! Ok, bad Android/Lord of the rings joke there but Vodafone customers have been calling for the Android 2.2 FroYo update for their HTC Desire handsets this week after they were fobbed off with a non-FroYo update. Some of you have been fortunate enough to get the FroYo update however and have reported good things to T3 in the same week Google announced Android sales have risen 886 per cent. Good work Mr FroYo.

App of the Week | Skobbler GPS Navigation
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Features of the Week
The motion-controlled gaming scene is heating up as we await the launches of Microsoft Kinect and the PlayStation Move system. Not only have we had an exclusive look at the inner workings of Kinect this week, we have brought you the ultimate Kinect vs. Move showdown. Will competitors please take their corners.

Fallen for the Apple charm and got yourself an iPad but not 100 per cent sure what to do with it? Well you are not alone. To guide all you lost iPad soles through the highs and lows of your tasty tablets we have compiled the 10 dos and don’ts of the Apple iPad. Read on and see how you rate against our list.

Buying a new phone is a decision that takes a lot of careful planning and timing. To make it a little easier on you we have compiled the ultimate guide to do-it-all phones. Adding to this generosity we have also brought together our guide to the best camera phones. Happy decision making

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This week the T3 podcast team discuss iPad dos and don'ts and their gadget of the week, the BlackBerry Torch
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Reviews of the Week
Without a doubt the biggest product launch of the week, RIM’s BlackBerry Torch is the first device to run the company’s new BlackBerry 6 operating system. We went along to the launch to get a hands-on with the BlackBerry Torch. Read on to see if the latest RIM offering touches our buttons with its slider QWERTY.

Acer is best known for its leading laptops. It is its forays in to the smartphone market that has drawn attention this week, however, as the Acer Stream readies to launch. We have reviewed the Acer Stream with a three star outcome but read on to find out why this multimedia master didn’t fulfil its potential.

Apple’s recently released Apple Magic Trackpad has been reviewed this week. We gave the multi-touch sensitive navigation tool a thorough going over trying to see how it can assist the standard mouse in controlling your computer useage.

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