Tech Week: iPhone sales and Samsung Galaxy S3 release

O2 leaks users phone numbers and Apple hits record sales figures in the past week

In a week filled with big numbers, Apple came out on top becoming the world’s largest company selling a staggering 37 million iPhones in Q4 2012

A system administrator for a mobile gaming developer this week discovered that smartphone retailer come network provider O2 has been leaking users’ phone numbers to websites they visit on their handsets. Although the company was quick to rectify the problem, experts have predicted this is far from the last we'll hear of this latest data privacy scandal.

On a lighter note the past seven days saw a flurry of rumour and speculation surrounding Samsung’s next-generation flagship Android handset, the much mooted Samsung Galaxy S3. Whilst some reports suggested an April release for the UK, Samsung officially confirmed the device for the first time this week revealing it is “still reviewing” its plans for the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date.

Samsung isn’t the only major company in the rumour mill this week, however. Apple’s next-gen pocket blower, the long mooted Apple iPhone 5 is once again on the radar with key personnel at Foxconn - the company responsible for the device’s manufacturing - suggesting the handset will land in summer with an all new form factor.

Elsewhere in the world of Apple the Cupertino based company has revealed that during the final three months of 2011 it shifted a staggering 37.04 million iPhone devices on its way to record revenue and profit figures. Helping the iPad and iPod manufacturer further was the performance of its iTunes Store which grossed £77 million on Christmas day alone.