Tech Week: iPhone 5 release date and Skype hits Facebook

Plus: iPad 3 to be iPad 2 Plus and Wii U 3D news

Yet another busy week in tech has passed by, so here are our highlights from the past seven days.


This week has been one of partnerships between some of technology's biggest players. On Wednesday Virgin Media announced its partnership with Spotify that would bring 13 million tracks to Virgin Media customers. In addition, Spotify has finally begun landing procedures in America, where prospective users can sign up now to be the first ones to receive the music streaming service when it becomes available. Facebook has also struck a deal with Skype that will bring voice and video calls to the social network and Twitter continues to go from strength to strength, as sources estimate the site is now worth £4.4 billion. However, Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky warned against the growing stature of social networks, insisting that 'people trust too much' and that they 'publish too much personal information'.

The smartphone market was as busy as ever this week, as Orange released two budget handsets whilst Nokia slashed the prices of its N8, E6 and C7 handsets. Meanwhile HTC is set to overtake RIM in smartphones sales in the next 12 months, and both companies have new handsets due for release in the coming months. HTC's EVO 3D will arrive in the UK in July, whilst the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 will launch via 3 Mobile on the 15th September.

HTC EVO 3D Video

Android has increased it's market share in the US by 5 per cent between February and May this year, giving the platform a strong 38 per cent of the market. The Samsung Galaxy S II is currently the most popular Android handset on the market, and it reached a milestone this week as it surpassed it's predecessor's sales in just 55 days. Not content with the handset's current domination, there could be a Windows 7 version of the Galaxy S II on the horizon.

This week has also very much been about the steady trickle of news concerning the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 3. The iPhone will receive a design upgrade, however it will be very much 'iPhone 4.5' rather than a complete upgrade of the current generation handset. Possible names have been flying around for the next generation iPad, but the latest rumours suggest that there will be an 'iPad HD' hitting shelves soon. Like the iPhone 5, the new iPad will be an update on the existing model, rather than a total overhaul but despite this both new machines are generating a lot of excitement in the run up to their mooted September releases.

Zumba Fitness remained at the top of the All Format games charts, managing to outsell its four closest competitors combined in the process. A tentative pre-Christmas 2012 date has been rumoured for Sony's next generation console, and Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has made it clear that the Wii U will not be available until after April 2012 at the earliest. LG is targeting the handheld gaming market with its new Optimus 3D, teameding with Gameloft to make 17 new Stereoscopic 3D games available to users. Finally, a poll conducted by named FIFA as the 'best video game series of all time', as the popular football franchise beat renowned series' such as The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Super Mario. No doubt many of you still need to make your opinions known, so head over to our poll to register your votes!

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