Tech Week: iPhone 5 pics and T3 talks to Richard Branson

Plus: Nintendo Wii 2 set to launch in June?

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.

News of the Week


Fresh off the back of Apple officially unveiling the iPad 2 and cutting the price of the original iPad in the process, Carphone Warehouse followed suit by offering a cut-price first gen Apple tablet in anticipation of Apple tablet number two. Getting Windows Phone 7 fans a little excited, a Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 handset was spied only later to be revealed as a ditched prototype. Anyone for a Wii 2? Many would argue that Ninty's flagship console is in need of a refresh and if latest rumours are to be believed, a Wii 2 could be unveiled in June this year.


More console talk as new job listings suggested that plans for a new Xbox console is already in the process. Turning our attention to Apple and more iPhone 5 rumours emerged with a video showing a supposed Apple smartphone packing 64GB of storage. The goal-line debate could well be solved by Sony after the company acquired Hawk-Eye Ltd, the British based company behind the successful live sports ball tracking tool commonly used in cricket and tennis. T3 spoke to Sony to find out if goal-line technology was on the agenda. It was good news for Spotify as the streaming music marvel announced that it has finally hit one million paid subscribers.


After suprising everyone by taking to the stage last week to show off the iPad 2, Apple founder Steve Wozniak spoke out on Steve Jobs's illness that many expected would stop him from attending. In more tablet-related news, Samsung teased a Galaxy Tab 8.9-inch device which is expected to be unveiled on March 22nd. To wrap up matters of Wednesday's tech news the unavoidable Charlie Sheen announced that he was after a tigerblood-loving Twitter intern. Any takers?


iOS 4.3 officially landed just in time for the US launch of the iPad 2, but most importantly perhaps was the strong evidence that the iPhone 5 will feature a dual core processor. Did you buy a Kinect? Well it seems whole lot of you did after it was revealed that Kinect is the fastest-selling consumer electronics device ever.

Wouldn't it just be great to have a chin wag with a man who owns his own island, F1 team and once had his own brand of Cola? wWell T3's Rhi Morgan did just that, sitting down with Sir Richard Branson about his dream to merge Virgin with Apple and news on supersonic flights.


It's good news for Stateside Apple fanbois as the iPad 2 launches in US Apple Stores the same day as more alleged new images of the iPhone 5 surface. The Sony versus LG saga continues to run as seized PS3 are released as LG are fined over the matter. UK gaming fans looking forward to getting their hands on the Sony NGP (PSP2) could be the first to play with the portable console after a November 11th release date was mooted by third party suppliers. Rounding of the week's news, we have more from Sir Richard Branson who tells us that his Project iPad magazine could be coming to Android for free.

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Features of the Week

With recent and current events in the Middle East, the role that social media and the web has played in the fight to overrule power is clear. T3 investigates the impact if the internet was turned off.

Those looking for a sporty new ride for the weekend can check out March's hottest motors which includes a rather sexy Pagani supercar.

If there was any app in the world you wish existed, what would it be? Check out the ten apps we would love to see developers make. Want to know which famous face can't live without Angry Birds HD? Well check you can see the download essentials for T3's favourite celebs.

We may have to wait for it until March 25th but for those lucky new owners of the iPad 2 overseas, and those of you hoping to snare one in the near future check out our essential Apple iPad 2 guide.

A battle has started within the T3 offices and has quickly kicked out into the wider world. Which side of this life defining war will you fall, Team Apple or the Android Army? Check out our head-to-head and join the march to take your side to victory via the corresponding Facebook pages.

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Reviews of the Week

All this talk of the iPad 2 and you'd be forgiven that the Cupertino company has also unleashed its new series of MacBook Pro laptops. If the Apple tablet doesn't quite do it for you, we've taken a look at the new Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch and Apple MacBook pro 15-inch range to help you make your decision.

If acquiring a piece of Apple tech is not really on the radar, or in line with your budget we've also got a netbooks group test pitting the best pint-sized PCs against on another.

Finally rocking up on UK shores the Incredible S with Android 2.2 and a Super LCD display has had the rigorous T3 review treatment. You can find out whether the HTC Incredible S is yet another excellent HTC handset effort.

After news that Samsung updated its 7000/8000 TV range after a T3 review, you can check out the very Samsung 8000 TV review in question here.

Video of the Week | T3 talks to Sir Richard Branson
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T3 talks to Sir Richard Branson video

Sir Richard Branson on Apple

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