Tech Week: iPhone 4 troubles and Android 2.2 review

Plus: Nokia set to 'fightback' and Kinect prices

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.

News of the Week
The iPhone 4 might have launched last week but it is still making headlines. Unfortunately for Apple, they are for all the wrong reasons. Having declared they would not provide a free signal issue correcting Bumper case, Apple has feebly shifted blame to a software issue displaying incorrect signal bars. Bless Apple though; it is doing something about the disaster, applying for a new antenna engineer to replace the presumably fired or 'missing' previous employee.

Nokia was another phone manufacturer to have an uneven week. Having lost its biggest and most high-profile industry professional supporter, the Symbian Guru, the Finnish company set about restoring some credibility with a heart-warming speech in which Mobile Solutions head, Anssi Vanjoki proclaimed "The fightback starts now."

With its competitors struggling, Google Android set to capitalise on the otherwise turbulent mobile market. The Google Nexus One was official announced as the first handset to host the new Android 2.2 operating system, shortly followed by plans to include the FroYo OS on the Samsung Galaxy S. Google further bolstered their position in the smartphone leagues with details of Android 3.0 appearing this week.

Microsoft Kinect is set to transform the way we interact with gaming on the Xbox 360 forever. Well, at least that is what Microsoft would lead us to believe. Having launched the prices of Kinect early in the week, pre-sales appeared to be doing so poorly that there have been calls for the motion-sensing gaming peripheral's price to be lowered.

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Features of the Week
The week started with a black cloud hanging overhead following England's pitiful exit from the World Cup on Sunday. Office talk surrounded that already infamous goal that never was and so got us pondering. Having donned our thinking caps we brought you a rejected tech feature for all the sporting technology that never quite made the grade sacrificing sporting integrity with its demise.

The iPhone 4 has been the talk of tech town for both good and bad reasons since its launch last week. To give a rounded view, we bring you the iPhone 4's main competitors as well as a handy little insight to the iPhone 4's top five apps to download first. Now, if only the handset's signal would last long enough to download all five.

If you are eagle-eyed and an avid reader of that fantastic publication T3 magazine, this feature might be familiar to you from the cover of the latest issue. If not, you are in for a treat as we showcase the best smartphones available, tearing apart their credentials to offer up the ultimate buyers guide.

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Reviews of the Week
With the warm weather we have had this week, we could all do with a good dollop of frozen yogurt. Fortunately, Google obliged bringing us the chance for a first impressions look at its latest mobile operating system, Android 2.2, aka FroYo. Read on for our opinion of the new Android platform.

It may just be an app, but iMovie for the iPhone 4 made the jump from the T3 App Chart to the main stage this week with a full video review of the software that brings movie editing to the latest Apple handset. Making the most of the iPhone 4's 720p HD video capabilities, iMovie brings a personal touch to those treasured clips.

3D TV looks like it could be here to stay as the industry's biggest brands begin to adopt the extra dimensional technology. Sony was the latest big player to join the 3D party and so we thought it only right to bring you a review of their 3D offering, the Sony Bravia HX803 3D TV, enjoy.

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