Tech Week: iPhone 4 reception issues free case fix

Plus: iPad 2 rumours surface and iOS 4.1 previewed

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.

News of the Week
Apple has swooped in at the end of the week to once again steal the show. Having announced a last minute press conference on Thursday, the fruity tech giants, headed by Steve Jobs declared it was to give a free case to each and every iPhone 4 customer up until September 30th. Being the nice folks that we are, we brought you live coverage of Steve Jobs' press conference after industry experts predicted that a product recall on the iPhone 4 was inevitable.

A break from the overwhelming Apple attack, Microsoft has launched a slimmed down version of the Xbox 360 this week aptly named the Xbox 360 Slim. Ahead of the consoles launch Tesco stole headline with its cut priced pre-orders of the new Xbox. Also coming out of camp Xbox this week is the news of a possible addition to the 360 Arcade range coming this August.

Apple claimed that it could fix the signal issues that soiled the iPhone 4 launch at the end of June. Well, iOS 4.1 has landed on developers desks and erm, well, sorry Apple but it has made not one iota of difference. T3 has even proved, with the trusty assistance of the Speedtest app that the signal loss issues continue despite the software upgrade.

Yes, yes, we know it is less than two months since the iPad launched in the UK but that doesn’t stop the rumour mill grinding away and producing tantalising teases about the iPad 2. This week the rumours have been coming think and fast offering from OLED displays and Xbox 360 level graphics to new 7-inch and 5.6-inch Apple tablets. Fingers crossed rumour becomes reality.

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Features of the Week
Featuring prominently in news and reviews this week, we couldn’t leave the features section feeling left out and so we saw it on the receiving end of some Xbox 360 Slim loving. As well as bring you the ultimate guide to the Xbox 360 Slim, we also put the new Microsoft console to the whisper quiet test. Want to know the results? Then read on for yourself and see.

With Apple’s hash of a launch for the faulty iPhone 4 being dragged back into the limelight late in the week with the announcement of the Apple press conference we got a bit philosophical and reminiscent and decided to take a look at the worst launches of tech history. It isn’t pretty and it isn’t effective but its damn entertaining reading.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a mixmaster? Can picture yourself spinning the decks but don’t know what kit you need? Well, fear not, Uncle T3 is on hand, in the cans department at least bringing you the top DJ and budget headphones available. So, why wait, get to spinning them tunes.

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Reviews of the Week
Microsoft’s foray in to games consoles the Xbox 360 has been on a crash diet and has dropped a few pounds as the Xbox 360 Slim hits shelves this week. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the smaller Xbox on Tuesday to bring you a hands-on video unboxing of the 360 Slim as well as a full on tried and tested review. Tempted?

With something called ‘spatial stereo’ technology, our review of the Orbitsound T12 iPod dock and sound bar digs deep into the space friendly speaker’s sound quality and aesthetics to offer an honest and rounded three star result. A fair result? Read and decide for yourself.

Also picking up three stars this week from the hand to please T3 reviewers was the Archos 3cam vision, the camera and video recorder touting MP4 player. In the Archos 3cam review, we analyse the FM radio supporting PMP for all its worth. At under £100 that might not be all that much.

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