Tech Week: iPhone 4 launched and iOS 4 released

Plus: Motorola Droid X and iPhone 4 signal issues

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.

News of the Week
It will come as no surprise that the Apple iPhone 4 is taking the top spot this week. Much fanfare and coverage has been thrown at the launch of the iPhone 4 on Thursday as the latest Apple smartphone hits the market. Shortly after stores open with the iPhone 4 in stock, we brought you our first impressions and hands-on of the new device.

Unfortunately for Apple, and its customers who have splashed the cash on the new Apple handset, the iPhone 4 launch was tarnished by a number of highly troublesome issues. Most drastic of these is the signal loss issues affecting handsets being held in a particular, and common, manner. Apple to the rescue and the bank though with their solution, a £25 'Bumper' accessory.

Apple launched iOS 4 for the iPhone 3GS on Monday ahead of the Thursday arrival of the iPhone 4. The result, an iPhone that finally touts the long-missing multi-tasking functionality desired by iPhone users. Keeping UK users waiting, the new iPhone operating system finally went live for free download at 6pm.

Motorola joined the Apple heavy mobile party this week launching their Droid X handset. Picking the same day as the iPhone to launch, not the smartest move but no signal issues reported on the Droid device as of yet.

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Features of the Week
With the iPhone 4 stealing headlines all week, we've put together a hot guide to the top 10 new features of iOS 4, out of the 100 plus new options touted by Apple.

Drowned in iPhone 4 signal issues, it’s easy to forget just how beautiful a little wonder it really is. Remind yourself by taking a peek at its new features and design in all its luxurious glory with some of the most stunning and detailed iPhone photography you're likely to find on the web.

Looking for a step up from the traditional touristy compact camera, but something lighter (in the hand and on the wallet) than a pro DSLR? Look no further, as we present five of the best of the new breed of "hybrid cameras" for your snapping pleasure.

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This week the team discuss the iPhone 4 launch and their gadget of the week, the iPhone 4 saving Bumper
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Reviews of the Week
Apple iPhone 4 tops the charts yet again with our full review of the new Apple handset. We delve deep into the new device, rigorously testing it form its beautiful highlights right down to its devastating flaw riddled lows. A rounded analysis still suggests this is the handset to beat but why not take a look and see for yourself.

iOS 4 landed on iPhone handsets ahead of the 4's arrival. We loaded it onto a iPhone 3GS and put the new multi-tasking and folders functions to the test. Looking to update to iOS 4 then check out our review and see why you should.

Apple complete the reviews round up of the week but shock horror, it isn't with an iPhone based device. Instead we put the new, slimmed -down Mac mini to the test seeing if that tiny body could pack a hefty punch. Take a look at what we decided.

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