Tech Week: iPad 2 unboxed, iPhone 5 pictures

Plus: Homefront review, Twitter's 5th birthday

All the top stories from the last seven days in tech.

News of the Week

The continuing top stories of the week continued, unsurpirsingly, to be those relating to either the US launch of the Apple iPad 2 last week, or the device's debut here in the UK on March 25th. Crafty UK iPad 2 fans who had tried to have US-ordered iPad 2s shipped to the UK got slapped down by Apple, which after shifting a reported million plus iPad 2s Stateside apparently couldn't afford the losses. In fact, the iPad 2 is selling so well in the States, there have even been rumours there might not be enough left for us. The horror.

In social networking, Twitter celebrated its fifth birthday this week by tweeting a brief history of how the megasite got started. Looking to the future, and the whispers are that Google is gearing up to launch its own social network, Google Circles.

We also heard that BlackBerry's PlayBook will pack in a RIM version of Apple's FaceTime and will most likely launch around April 15th. Nokia may or may not be going for a bite of the tablet apple (or, indeed, Apple tablet) with its own touchscreen tab. Samsung have also teased the 8.9 version of its Galaxy Tab 2, with the WiFi version of its current closest competitor, the Motorola Xoom, now available for pre-order in the States.

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Features of the Week

With UK Apple fans just itching for excuses to drop half a grand on the iPad 2, we put together a feature of the best apps to download the moment they prise the tablet out of the box, and another on the most stylish cases with which to protect your investment. Also of interest to said fans will be our collection of every iPhone 5 image, from official (ish) leaked designs to wacky concepts, that's caught our eye in the last couple of months.

For non-devotees of Apple, our big test this week was the top five gaming PCs available to gaming's hardcore right now. And if you've got the best gaming rig (or even just a new telly), it'd be madness to skimp on a top-end audio system to go with it.

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Reviews of the Week

Speaking of gaming, we've been getting stuck into Red Dawn-esque shooter Homefront this week, defending a crippled Uncle Sam from a North Korean invasion. Find out what we made of it in our review.

We also got to unwrap the T3 iPad 2 (it's been going round the office distracting staffers all week) and put the new wunder-tablet through its paces. While we were at it, we also gathered our thoughts on iOS 4.3, the brains behind all that iPad 2 goodness.