Tech Week: iPad 2 launch date and new MacBook Pros released

Plus: Chris Ashton video interview and MWC reviews

The must-read stories of the past week's tech happenings.

News of the week

It's the big one, folks: Apple have finally stopped teasing the world with camera-hole sporting cases and crumpled up, coffee-ringed scraps of patents and given us the iPad 2. Well, not quite, but they've given us a date upon which they will give us the iPad 2. We hope. We'll be there for the live coverage on Monday, whatever happens, make sure you're tuned to T3 for all the juicy details, but in the meantime, we have some last minute iPad 2 rumours for you to peek at.

Also on the Apple radar are the new Macbook Pros, which were launched on Thursday. We knew something was brewing when the Apple online store went down...

Further Apple news, although something we're struggling to care about quite as much: the fabled white iPhone 4 was briefly glimpsed on Expansys for pre-order for an eye-watering 920 quid. Surely there's no-one left in the world who could want it that badly now? Especially with the iPhone 5 teetering on the horizon...

Online, the domain name (you can type that in yourself, if you require further details) became the internet's most expensive address, raking in a cool £8.2 million at auction. We wonder what they'll do with it.

In London plans to introduce mobile coverage on the Tube were scuppered when it turned out that no-one wanted it. A massive 75% of those quizzed thought the sombre atmosphere of the capital's underground at rush hour should be kept mobile free.

And the Minority Report future we've all been looking forward to since 2003 (the motion-controlled computing bit, not the all-seeing authoritarian government bit) is finally on the way, with Microsoft announcing that its Kinect peripheral will soon be PC compatible.

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Features of the week

On the subject of future dystopian governments (well, sort of), the T3 Team has been thinking long and hard this week about Hollywood's best interpretations of a tech future gone awry. The only silver lining to these horrific visions of humanity's enslavement to technology is that, while you're being herded into floatation tanks by our robotic overlords, there will at least be a role for the T3 team as their fleshy spokespeople.

Focussing on technology altogether less likely to bring about the downfall of humanity, we saw some jolly good mobile phones at this year's Mobile World Congress. None too shabby either were the tablets that also graced the floor at MWC, although with the iPad 2 now officially just around the corner, how slick they will be looking in a week's time remains to be seen. In the meantime, you can weigh up your own decision about which tablet will reign supreme with a look at our latest and hopefully final iPad 2 rumours feature - this time rounding up every last reported sighting of the mystical device and analysing the life out of them.

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Reviews of the week

We've had a slew of reviews and hands-ons up this week from our holiday - work, it was work - in Barcelona for MWC, including the HTC Desire S, the LG Optimus 3D, the Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy S2 and the Xperia Play. There's a lot to be excited about, with 3D bits here and dual-core bobs there - we reckon it'll be a cracking next few months for tech fans.

Also making the rounds in the office this week were Sony's new line of Vaios: the pithily-named C Series, S Series and L Series, as well as the premium Olympus XZ-1 compact camera.